Approximate menu for pancreatitis

dietary rules for pancreatitis

The pancreas is an important organ that is responsible for many processes. This organ is responsible for producing the enzymes needed for normal digestion of food. In addition, the pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin. If you do not start working at full capacity, you may develop diabetes mellitus.

A disease of the pancreas is called pancreatitis in medicine. In such a disease, the iron becomes inflamed and a person must take steps to restore and heal the organ. Medication is used for these purposes, and there is a need for a diet for pancreatitis, a daily menu.

Nutritional characteristics of pancreatitis and inflammation

Inflammation of the pancreas is most commonly associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They are the main cause of organ dysfunction. If there is a cause of inflammation of the gland, normal production of enzymes must be normalized, otherwise the mechanism of "self-digestion" may be triggered, which can endanger human life and health.

What should be the diet for pancreatitis

The diet for pancreatitis, the approximate menu for a week, depends directly on what form it is in.

The very first thing to remember is that for any form of pancreatic disease, you should follow a starvation diet for 3-5 days. Thanks to such a diet, it becomes possible to unload this organ and alleviate the inflammatory process. During such a diet, you can drink small amounts of mineral water without gases. Up to 4-5 glasses can be consumed daily. If desired, water can be replaced with natural juices, but only with the consent of a doctor.

If the pancreatitis is acute, you should go through a course and then live and eat as usual. But nonetheless, you should sit on a starvation diet for a week and for the same amount of time on a diet that precludes the use of fatty, fried, spicy, salty foods. In order to speed up the recovery, an approximate menu from the diet will be available according to Table 5.

sample menu for pancreatitis

The diet for acute pancreatitis should consist of:

  1. Breakfast. This should necessarily consist of an omelette made from oatmeal, biscuits and egg whites.
  2. The lunch menu may consist of low-fat cottage cheese, a milk drink.
  3. Lunch can consist of vegetable stew, boiled fish or meat, fruit puree, or drink fresh juice. If you drink juice, it is best to do it just before use to keep all the vitamins and trace elements in it. The juice can be made from apples and bananas. It is not necessary to make orange juice as the stomach is considered heavy.
  4. Dinner can consist of fish dumplings, vegetable puree, dried fruit compote (apples, pears, apricots). You can also cook boiled potatoes with chicken.

In chronic pancreatitis, the pancreas begins to degenerate gradually. In this case, the diet may not be as strict, but it must be adhered to. The diet will consist of a person having to remove everything from the diet that triggers the production of many enzymes.

Sample menu for a week with pancreatic disease

For normal pancreatic function, doctors usually recommend a diet of at least 1 month. The diet for adults with chronic pancreatitis will be to completely exclude unhealthy foods from the diet, replacing them with useful ones. Such a diet can relieve inflammation and forget about pancreatitis for a long time.

Menus for the entire week:

dietary rules in pancreatitis
  1. Breakfast. It can consist of water-cooked porridge porridge. If necessary, add a little milk at the end of cooking. Rice porridge on the water. Carrot puree with boiled fish. You can also make mashed potatoes with boiled fish.
  2. The
  3. second breakfastmay include apple souffle, jelly, calcined cottage cheese, carrot pudding.
  4. Lunchcan consist of meatballs, protein steamed omelette, stewed meatballs, mashed potatoes and boiled chicken.
  5. At noonthe menu may consist of steamed omelette, vegetable puree soup.
  6. For dinneryou can cook boiled potatoes with fish or chicken, steamy omelette, steamed cottage cheese souffle.

Despite the fact that the diet for pancreatitis is very strict, it is very important not to forget to drink not too strong tea, drink compote, mineral water without gases. Among other things, in case of inflammation of the pancreas, bread (200 grams) and sugar (30 grams) should be eaten every day, which can be used to prepare certain foods.

It is very important that the sample menu is small but common. In addition, the food consumed should be warm and fresh. It is very important that one eats hot food every week, every day.

Diet and nutrition tips for pancreatic disease and inflammation

If you want, you can prepare varied and tasty dishes from the pancreatitis-pancreatitis menu for a week, even with a small amount of product. People with pancreatic problems should include the following foods on their menu:

  1. Yesterday's wheat bread, biscuit biscuits. You can’t eat fresh bread as it counts as baking and this negatively affects your health during exacerbations. You can consume up to 200-250 grams of such bread per day.
  2. Steamed, cooked, fried meat. It is very important that the meat is dietary, such as chicken or rabbit. You can also use lean beef.
  3. Lean fish. It must also be boiled or steamed.
  4. nutritional characteristics in pancreatitis
  5. In case of pancreatitis, it is important to consume cottage cheese, it is desirable to have a pasty texture.
  6. High viscosity porridge such as oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat, rice will all help with inflammation.
  7. Don’t forget vegetables and fruits. Of course, you can’t eat them raw, but you can cook, bake, or steam them. It is very important to consume cauliflower puree.
  8. Use the best secondary kit for first courses. The meat used to make broth can be consumed mostly chopped so that it can be digested faster and better.
  9. You can make a casserole of cottage cheese and dough. It must be steamed, this is especially important if this organ is inflamed.
  10. It is essential to consume protein omelettes as they contain many essential substances and minerals that are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. In addition, during inflammation, proteins help the disease to cope faster.

When cooking, add oil after the food is ready. The fact that the human body needs fats makes it impossible to completely rule them out. The amount of oil that can be added to the food per day should not exceed 50 grams. If, for any reason, you find that the patient’s liver and pancreas treatment and diet do not help, consult your doctor, who will correct the treatment and tell you what to remove from the menu.